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I ┬áhad to seek for inspiration when I was making this assignment. I love a story where you can find a meaning behind it. That’s why I made up this story about a little girl who grew up hiding behind a “smiling” mask who realises that she is not that much different from other people and decides to show who she is behind the mask.




Bonny is a little girl who gets bullied everyday by her neighbour because of her appearance. Once day she finds a mask which hides her face and emotions, the mean neighbour stops bullying her and she is accepted by everyone. As she grows older, the mask becomes a part of her and her daily life. She continues to be accepted by society and realises that most people wear the same mask. As the years go on, Bonny feels that something is missing. She has never had a true friend, someone that sees her who she is and she feels alone in her life. One day when she’s reading a book on the local park bench, she thinks she is alone and takes her mask off, a stranger walks by and sees her unmasked face and tells her that she’s beautiful the way she is. At first Bonny is shocked that someone had just seen her true face and not mocked or teased her for her appearance, she goes on to slowly accept that she might not need to hide behind the mask anymore.

Bonny and the kind stranger fall in love and live happily ever after.


It’s a story that pretty much always happens on a daily basis. Generally, in everyone’s life. You must/ve had that feeling when you always hide your true self, gave your friends your best fake smile and told them that you’re fine. But there should be a reason why we did that on the first place.


Your core story idea is very imaginative and could be made into a great short film. The themes and symbology make animation a really great medium for the story you are trying to tell. It is unfortunate that you were unable to translate the script into an animatic in time for submission. You need to focus more on the broad story points before worrying about details in your story development process. Once again, I feel this to be a really strong story that I would love to see developed further.

Heath Freeland

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