Draft before final concept :



The concept art for the characters was discussed between all the team members. Each of us gave thoughts of what the characters should look like. I was responsible of the cat lady’s concept and Melody Joy was in charge of the animals. During the process, we had decided to focus on one at a time and had them discussed and drawn on the spot.

Bianca Tonkin was in charge of doing the final drawings of those three characters.

 Cat Lady / Dog / Cat



dog ortho

cat ortho

Environment Concepts & Design

I was responsible on the exterior environment and half of the interior environment setup.

Inspired by Brooklyn’s row house system, I built this exterior environment with a majority of red brick wall houses and a pavement with a row of huge shady trees.

The sizing of each house is really small. They are around 5m wide.

exterior concepts

I’m trying to put a slight cartoony feeling into it by making several bendings on the assets e.g steps and window sill.

The trees on this particular shot are made from SpeedTree and Josh Bessell helped me on that.

exterior environment design

The final render


For kitchen environment, I was responsible for modelling the kitchen bench and the sink and texturing the kitchen environment set. Melody Joy helped me on modelling and texturing small assets that we put on top of the bench such as bowls, microwave, pot plant, flowers, photo frames, books, paper towel and kitty cups; also she did the lighting for the kitchen scene.

wireframe kitchen





Applications used :

Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, zBrush, Photoshop and 3D Coat.


Pipeline :

  • Base mesh was made in zBrush as a guide for retopping with topology in Maya. Once I had the base model done, I brought it back to zBrush for more detailing and export the high polygon mesh into Autodesk Mudbox so I could export the displacement maps out of that high-poly mesh.
  • For texturing purposes, I used 3D Coat and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Hair was made using a third party plugin.


A zBrush version



After I retopped it in Maya and modeled the hands.


A wireframe version of the cat lady.




faceScreenshot at Nov 11 23-58-16

The Cat Lady Turntable


This is the lighting setup for the first introduction shot.

I used one directional light with a slight warm tint of the sunlight and a skydome with HDRI.



Same goes with the 2nd to 4th introduction shot. All of them using the same lighting setup from the first shot. But I changed the directional light, slightly facing the Cat Lady’s door to give a little bit of brightness since it got covered by the tree’s shadow.




This is my Nuke script setup.

I did color grading and color correct for each shot in order to match up the sky background within the scene.

Found a few problems on the renders that I had to roto and roto paint a particular part in several shots.