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How to use a Displacement Map in Maya Texture Node

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Today, I learned how to put a displacement map in the texture node. I’m currently modelling a character within zBrush and Maya. In order to cut down render time (by not doing a high-poly rendering), I exported a displacement map from my high poly model in Mudbox.

First attempt of assigning displacement map in Maya.

dailies for displacement map


These are the attributes that I need to change when applying a displacement map.


Diffuse Map : 8-bit / TGA format

Displacement Map : 16-bit with TIF – LZW Compression or 32-bit with EXR – RLE Compression (recommended).

To get it working :

In the shape node  attribute, under Arnold tab, go to subdivision tab.

Change the type into linear (for plane) or catclartk (for volumed mesh) and adjust the iterations.

In the displacement shader in Hypershade, adjust the scale to intensify / make it less intense.

Turn on the alpha is luminance in color balance attribute under your texture file node.


Remember :

Alpha’s rule :

White is the one that you will see. Black is the one that you won’t see. Or, white is the one that will be extruded out and black is the one that is going to be extruded in.

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