First Experience with RenderMan

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Finally, I’ve got time to write down something in my blog. After I graduated from AIE, I haven’t really got time to post up anything in this blog because I went back to my home country and had a really good time there spending time with my family. And after a while, I really¬†do¬†miss Maya! I miss spending my time intensively in front of my PC or spending 3 full days in AIE with my team in order to finish one short movie.

But, in this post, I’m not going to talk about my feeling after graduation, nor about how I feel like doing nothing during my holiday. I’m going to talk about my first experience using RenderMan! Everyone knows what RenderMan is..

RenderMan is a render engine which Pixar created and used on their movies. And it’s not only happening on digital animation world. Visual effect companies also used this render engine to bump up that look! In present days, many of visual effect movies have computer graphic (CG) animation or characters in them. And they’re looking freaking awesome! But wow, there are plenty of stuff that I still need to learn in Renderman. From what I see, it’s totally different from Arnold. It does take time for me to get used to it. But anyway, this is my test render with Renderman.

** I will have another post of this character development coming up real soon!**


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