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Exterior Environment Look Dev

By October 22, 2015 No Comments

This is the first intro shot that I’ve been working on lately. A tile-textured brickwall and the tree’s shadow falls on the pavement. I’m using aiPhysicalSky light for overall light in this scene.

It will be good if the shadows hit the brickwall as well, not fully on the ground. The shadow around the bin looks like covering up the shape of the bin. The light should be angled correctly. And it will be nice to see a hint of the leaves or the branches coming out from the top-left corner of the scene.

Heath Freeland

Using aiPhysicalSky will give you a boring light. There's no glossiness on every single assets on this scene. Basically, everything has glossiness, even if it's only a slight look of it. The material and the displacement map on the tarmac material aren't really popping out.

Daryl Munton

After receiving those feedbacks from Heath and Daryl, I tried to work on it more with Daryl’s assistance. He helps me a lot in understanding how the light works how to use all the features in Maya and work nicely in Maya hypershade when we were going to assign the texture.

This is how it looks after we played with it for a couple of good hours. Thanks to Daryl!


This is a render result with the characters. To see how the lights work when we put the characters in the scene.

We’re using arnold renderer to get that global illumination look.

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